How To Look at Every Play Like a Highlight

Football is a sport where there are going to be exciting plays and boring plays. And everyone who watches football thinks at some point, ‘Man, I wish every play could be an edge-of-your-seat play’. The truth is, you decide whether a play is exciting or not. Here are some tips on how to make every play feel like a highlight.

1. Look at the patterns the wide receivers are running

Look at where the wide receivers are going with their route. See which ones are open or are about to be open. Based on the receiver’s talent, try to guess whether or not they could squeeze in a catch from where they are. Take a quick glance at which side the quarterback is looking, and see who’s open and who could try to squeeze it in on that side.

2. Look at the line

The line can be very exiting in it of itself. If you look closely, you can see which of the offensive lineman are about to let loose under that much pressure. Look for that slight hole in the line for the middle linebacker to rush in and make an attempt to sack him. Ask yourself, who’s the one struggling, the offensive line or the defensive line? Is this a good time for the quarterback to exit the pocket?

3. Look for ways the receiver could run

This obviously doesn’t apply if the ball is incomplete. Think about what holes in the defense the receiver could run. Where might be a good place to stage a juke? Is the receiver strong enough to power through the defenders, or is it wiser to run out of bounds? Could the receiver make it for a touchdown if he plays his cards right? Is this receiver fast enough to beat out the defenders?

You’re going to notice that you won’t have time to think of all these things, but just thinking of a few of them in each category will make you gasping and on the edge of your seat. Yes, I use this strategy and yes, I have been given funny faces when I do. But it’s only important if you’re having fun. And that’s what football is all about.


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  1. Wade, I love this post! It is so clever to instruct people who want to watch football, but maybe don’t understand enough to keep it interesting the whole time. This was a really great and helpful post. Well done!

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