Road to the World Series

As a sports fan, I’m usually thinking about one sport or sporting event for long periods of time. In this case, it’s the baseball playoffs.

First of all, the results really surprised me. It was crazy enough that the Oriole’s clinched a playoff spot outside of the wild card, but they beat the Detroit Tigers to move on. And not just beat them, sweep them. And how about the Royals sweeping the Angels? They REALLY have been playing like the 1985 Royals they were. The Giants really proved their worth, too, by defeating the Nationals, who had the second best record in baseball. Statistically, this year the Giants are supposed to win the World Series. Personally, I think the Giants need more World Series wins in an even-number year, but I don’t make the rules. But the Giant’s presence in the Wild Card sort of surprised me. I mean, we all know that the Giants are much better than the Wild Card. So what makes people think that they’ll win the World Series. According to Wikipedia, the last time a Wild Card team won the World Series was in 2011 by the St. Louis Cardinals, who are in the playoffs right now AND due up to play the Giants. To conclude, the Giants have too many teams better than they are to take home the victory.

The Orioles swept the Tigers, which proves their on to something. That means that despite the fact that three Cy Young Award winners pitched against them (David Price, Justin Verlander, & Max Scherzer), despite the fact that Chris Davis was suspended due to testing positive for amphetamine, despite the fact that Miguel Cabrera was playing well in the games, they swept them. But, now for the big question: are they really good enough to beat the Royals, who swept the Angels? The Nationals had the second best record in baseball, guess who had the best? Don’t answer that; the Angels. Both teams had all their starters with them, yet the Royals won anyway. Are the Orioles really ready for that? My prediction is, drum roll please… I don’t think the Orioles are physically ready to play a team that can wipe out the Angels that easily. Now, I wouldn’t be speaking with that big of authority if they had won 3-2, or even 3-1, but they totally beat the heck out of them. Overall, the Orioles just aren’t ready for the Royals. Yet.

As for the Royals, I think it’s gonna be 1985 all over again. Alex Gordon’s playing well, so is Alcides Escobar, and Salvador Perez is just phenomenal. Despite the fact that the Orioles have the game in Orioles Park at Camden Yards, I think the lineup is going to be what haunts the O’s on Friday. Now, I am aware of J.J. Hardy and Nick Markakis, but Hardy’s getting old and can’t give the O’s that magic that he used to. Nick Markakis, on the other hand, could give James Shields and the Royals a problem. If I were the O’s, I would incorporate Bud Norris into the mix.

As for my prediction for the World Series, I say the Royals win it 4 games to 3 against the Cardinals. It’s tough to consider the weather and AL pitchers at the plate, but these two teams can play through a lot of challenges. Like all playoffs, it won’t be easy for anyone. But it will all be worth it in the end.


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    1. I’m glad you say that! Now that the Royals are in the WS with the Giants, this could actually end up turning out to be in the Royals favor (I say that like it isn’t obvious MS. MARRION!).

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