The Best Team in Football

The Arizona Cardinals have come a really long way. Last year, we all thought they were crazy for signing Carson Palmer from the Oakland Raiders. We also were under the impression that Larry Fitzgerald wouldn’t have any more blowout years. We humans make some dumb mistakes, don’t we? This year, the Cardinals are on fire. They’d already went 5-1 when they faced the Cowboys. But there was one caveat: Palmer tore his ACL. This has happened to former Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin the Third. They beat the Cowboys, but the Arizona fans knew it was over.

Yeah, right. And I have wings.

The Cardinals were not stopped. The backup, Ryan Lindley, has been phenomenal. They took off to win three more games and only lost one. Do the math, folks, they’re 9-2. Larry Fitzgerald is by far one of the most formidable wide receivers in the NFL, and the Cardinals have a better record than the New England Patriots, the Green Bay Packers, the Denver Broncos, and the New Orleans Saints. Those are all teams who have won 3 Super Bowls or more. Not to mention that the majority of these teams have been beaten by the Cardinals themselves.

So what’s Arizona’s secret? Is it Ryan Lindley? Not a chance. Larry Fitzgerald? Yeah, I guess he is an X factor, but he’s not the one I’m thinking of. Their secret is their coach. He knows the Arizona Cardinal’s strengths and weaknesses, and adapts their philosophy accordingly. For instance, when Carson Palmer got injured and Lindley was inserted, he changed the philosophy to frequent running and short passes. He studies the philosophy and adapts his defense to prevent that. That is the 100% best any head coach can do, which is why the Cardinals are constantly led to victory.


2 thoughts on “The Best Team in Football”

  1. Wade, your posts read with such an infections energy. I feel myself getting excited about what you’re saying, even though bc of my limited sports knowledge, I barely know what you’re talking about! I love the enthusiasm in the delivery of your information. Great job and keep up the good work!

  2. It’s too bad Arizona couldn’t keep up the hot start. If they ever find consistency, and good health, at the quarterback position, they’d be very dangerous. But their window of opportunity may be closing. Keep up the good work sir!

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