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Hi, I’m Wade. The first thing I’d like to mention is that I’m only 13 years old. It’s hard to keep up with my blogs with school and homework, but if you’ve ever read one of my blogs, you’d know I love sports. I can’t get enough of it. That’s why whenever I get the chance to blog after homework or on weekends, I take it. My point is, if you love it, write about it. I mean, a good writer writes about his favorite stuff. For instance, I was brought up to love baseball. Being his first son, my dad was determined to make me love baseball. He showed me all his baseball cards, he bounced me on his knee whenever his favorite team, the Yankees, got a hit, all the classic tricks. Now look at me! It’s one of my favorite things in life! I came to like football on my own. So remember this: If you love it, write about it!



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  1. Wade, your positive energy and personality burst through this bio! People are going to love your blog and if they’re not that in to sports, they will be after they get your take on it!

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