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Best (or Worst) of Week 11

I think I speak for all of us when I say that week eleven had most of us scratching our heads. Twelve extra points were missed, besting the 1995 record of ten. And we all thought that moving the PAT back a few yards was useless! It’s certainly hard to imagine this happening without the backed up PAT being a factor. Overall, its only fair that this week, we look at the kickers with the most horrific misses and overall performances of the week.
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The Best of the Worst (Baseball Edition)

There are few things better on this beautiful world than watching the absolute stupidest, funniest, and the most outright asinine reactions from players when the official makes a call out of their favor. I’ve pieced together some of the most, for lack of better term, amusing reactions of baseball players when they disagreed with the umpire.

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Monthly Plugin

Hey, bloggers! For those of you who follow me and have a blog, I’m starting a new thing, where I tell you my favorite plugin for you to check out!
This months plugin is Jetpack by WordPress. It has 34 features and counting! Too many for you? You can deactivate any of them whenever you want and as many times as you want! Plus, it’s absolutely free! Check out the most popular plugin today! Available exclusively in the WordPress news, located on the Dashboard.