The Best of the Worst (Baseball Edition)

There are few things better on this beautiful world than watching the absolute stupidest, funniest, and the most outright asinine reactions from players when the official makes a call out of their favor. I’ve pieced together some of the most, for lack of better term, amusing reactions of baseball players when they disagreed with the umpire.

1. The First Baseball Game

So much for first impressions! In the very first baseball game, a player on the Pirates was fined ten whole cents for swearing on-field. He did so after whiffing on the last strike (not third strike–baseball was very different back then)  and caught the ears of the umpire. There was not much information (or anything that I could work with for that matter) on this as the date and occurrences are surprisingly controversial. Nevertheless, it is still funny enough to make this list!

2. Torii Hunter, um, Strips Down?

Torii Hunter Anger Issues
Bro, you need to a) chill and b) put your shirt back on

This is a good one. This was also triggered by a strikeout. In Torii’s opinion, it was a “ball all the way!” The umpire, however, wouldn’t hear his case. To demonstrate his disapproval of the call, he ripped off his shirt and all other components of his uniform until he literally looked like he was a fan in his Nike garb.  I’m not entirely sure what was going through Torii Hunter’s mind here, but for these purposes, why not?

3. George Brett and the Pine Tar Incident

The Pine Tar Incident
All I needed to look up for this photo was “Pine Tar Incident.” Is that a bad thing?

This is definitely my favorite. To reiterate what I said in the caption, the only thing I needed to look up to find this was “Pine Tar Incident.” George Brett managed to get a dinger in on the legendary Goose Gossage in a game against the Yankees (for those of you who don’t speak baseball, that means he hit a homerun). Right after he touched the shield (or home plate), the umpires took his bat. They decided to discount the home run because Brett’s bat had too much pine tar on it. Pine tar is something that players put on their bats to get a better grip. George Brett got mad and, well, the picture happened. Brett LOST it. It took seven Royals just to restrain him. He was later credited with the dinger through the orders of the commissioner. But from then on, Brett’s teammates got nervous every time he was fired up.

I’ll jump right into the conclusion, but first, a little credit with the providers of these pictures

Torii Hunter’s photo is accredited to The New York Post

George Brett’s photo is accredited to Modern Spectator

See? Aren’t we all refreshed now? These are funny, but it poses as a message for aspiring baseball players: ALWAYS keep your cool onfield


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