Peyton Manning vs. Trevor Siemian: Can He Take On the Legacy?

Yesterday, we saw the Chiefs defeat the Broncos in overtime, a crushing defeat for Denver. It was only last year that the Broncos won the Super Bowl, so why haven’t they been doing well? A lot of it has to do with the Broncos losing Peyton Manning to retirement. Trevor Siemian, a second-year out of Northwestern University, was drafted in the seventh round to replace Manning at QB, but can he realistically take the place of a historical NFL figure?
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Why the Cubs Won It All

108 years.
That is a long time for anything to happen, much less an annual event. But the Cubs, for the first time in 108 years, won the World Series against the Cleveland Indians, who also haven’t won the World series in a long time. But it didn’t surprise me for a second that the Cubs won, and there are a couple good reasons why.
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Why Ineligible Receivers Are Irrational


You’re watching a play in the football game (hopefully using my tips to make it more exciting). The quarterback is being rushed by a man. He throws the ball about 3 or 4 yards, where the receiver catches in and is taken down immediately. The flag is thrown at the spot of the catch. Was the defender holding in the facemask? Continue reading Why Ineligible Receivers Are Irrational


Best (or Worst) of Week 11

I think I speak for all of us when I say that week eleven had most of us scratching our heads. Twelve extra points were missed, besting the 1995 record of ten. And we all thought that moving the PAT back a few yards was useless! It’s certainly hard to imagine this happening without the backed up PAT being a factor. Overall, its only fair that this week, we look at the kickers with the most horrific misses and overall performances of the week.
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The Best Football Game of Week 5

Week Five of football is behind us, and we had some surprises. The Bills won in LA, the Ravens lost to the Redskins, and Tom Brady crashed the party in Cleveland and played just as Brady-like as ever (not much of a surprise, but worth mentioning). But while those were very good games, the game that I thought was the closest, most exciting, and overall most interesting to watch was Continue reading The Best Football Game of Week 5


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