Five Christmas Must-Haves for Any Sports Fan

Are you stressing about the holidays? Can’t find your resident sports fan the perfect gift? Look no further! I have found the perfect five gifts for the holidays that will satisfy ANY sports fan. So read on!

1. Madden NFL 17

EA Sports
EA Sports

Madden NFL 17 is an amazing football video game. In this game, you can play with your favorite team and play to be the Super Bowl champions. Or, draft your own team of players and manage your own team! Madden 17 lets you enjoy stunning HD graphics whether you have an Xbox or Playstation. It even runs on outdated versions of both platforms! Any football fan is guaranteed to be content with this incredible game.

2. Chicago Cubs World Series Commemorative Bat

Cubs Two-Tone Bat (
Cubs Two-Tone Bat (

Close up of the barrel
Close up of the barrel

They won it! They finally won it! To celebrate the Cubs winning the World Series, why not buy a commemorative bat from BigTimeBats? Choose from regular pine wood or two-tone (as shown above). Everyone will love this special commemoration to the Cubs’s victory. But hurry: only ten thousand are being made, so you need to jump on this opportunity now! Click here to get yours!

3. Topps 2016-17 Baseball Card Complete Set

I bought this box from, which is a great source for baseball cards
I bought this box from, which is a great source for baseball cards

When I got the Topps 2016-17 Baseball Card Complete Set, I was ecstatic. It’s a great addition to any person’s baseball card collection. It includes primetime rookies, such as the incredible Trevor Story, who hit six home runs in his first six games. Don’t be the guy who misses out on the future’s most valuable baseball cards. Be the proactive gift-buyer and purchase your sports fan a box of cards!

4. OYO Sports Toys

A Tom Brady that can't deflate footballs! Wow! (
A Tom Brady that can’t deflate footballs! Wow! (

The perfect combo of Lego and sports! OYO toys have a vast selection of players from the MLB, NFL, NCAA, NHL, and the MLS! There are more than 100 players of every sport sitewide. Plus, you can buy playing fields for the MLB, NFL, and NHL! This is truly the perfect sports toy!

5. Riddell MLB Mini Batting Helmets

Any baseball fan will adore these mini helmets, coming in all MLB teams! These make perfect desk-toppers, table displays, or a little extra something for you man cave (or woman cave, if that’s your jam). These are great little decorations for anyone’s home!

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