The Deception of the Quarterback

First of all people, this is blog. So please don’t treat it like a commercial-posting free-for-all. I don’t know and don’t care how stupid or gullible you think I am, but no one has gotten away with sending me spam.

Anyway, the word on the street is that RG3 of the Washington Redskins has been benched. For those of you who know their quarterbacks, you know that the RG3 reign has come to a screeching halt. You probably also agree with the decision of benching him, especially if you’re a Redskins fan. I agree with the decision, too. What I don’t agree with is who’s taking his place.As we all know, Kurt Cousins did exceptionally well when RG3 was injured last year. He threw for a noticeable amount of yardage and won the majority of his games. Therefore, the logical thing to do would be to insert Cousins and try to win the last 5 games. Did they do that? No way. Colt McCoy, their third string quarterback, won the two games he played. He barely squeezed a win into those games. Now when a team wins a game, they give the credit to the quarterback. When a team loses a game, they blame it on the quarterback. They never notice how well or how poor the halfbacks hole choices are, or how many or how few passes the wideouts dropped, it’s always the quarterback. Which is the reason that the Redskins were led to believe that McCoy was their man. The thing is, if Pierre Garçon or Alfred Morris can’t get to the football quick enough, then McCoy’s gonna be in a lot of trouble. If you watch his playing close enough, he’s incapable of hitting a man directly. If you can’t do that, you can’t be a starter. The only reason McCoy has so many completions is because Pierre Garçon and Alfred Morris, as good as they are, came up to the football and brought it into coverage. Helu was a large contributor in the two wins that the ‘Skins mustered up, too. He’s turned into a serious threat in the NFL, and it wouldn’t surprise me the least if a team comes out and offered him a big contract. I know I would.

Another one of Washington’s weaknesses is Jay Gruden. He has struggled to make good choices for the team. The Redskins are a team where each individual player needs to be monitored to see and understand his strengths and weaknesses, and I feel that Jay gruden has failed to do that. Actually, I honestly don’t think Gruden is sized up for the coaching job. He hasn’t had any real experience in the occupation and I don’t think that he really understands the duties of a good coach. Believe me, it was no mistake to fire Mike Shannahan, but I think that he could’ve done a better than this.

All this can be summed up into my favorite football proverb (it’s my favorite ’cause I made it up). And if the Redskins heard it, they would think  twice about starting McCoy on Monday.

“The ball comes to the receiver; the receiver never comes to the ball”-Billsman


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