The World Series

These World Series contestants really surprised me! Here’s an inside report about them.

Well, who saw THAT coming!?! Both Wild Card teams are in the playoffs!!! Oh, and of course the Giants are in it, too. Man, if the Olympics are happening, the Giants are winning! For the third time in a row now the Giants are in a World Series that falls on the same year as the Olympics. Like I said in Road To The World Series, statistically, this is the Giants year to win. However, the Royals have just as good of a chance to take home the title. Here’s why.The Giant’s beat the Cardinals and the Nationals, which is a pretty big feat if you ask me. But the Royals swept the Angels and the O’s, meaning that not even the Angels could prevent them from making it to the WS undefeated. Now, if the Royals manage to pass by the Giants undefeated, then they will be one of the only teams in baseball history to make it through the whole baseball playoffs untouched. But if the Giants beat the Royals, they will be one of the only teams to beat a team in the WS who’s undefeated in the playoffs. Now, as for who I think is going to win the champion title, this is a tough one. To be perfectly honest, I think the Royals will win, but definitely not without a scratch. I think it will go back and forth, the Giants winning one and the Royals winning the next, until the Giants have won two games. that’s when I think the Royals will take command and power through to victory. Both teams have to keep in mind that winning the WS is literally winning baseball, and then we’ll have ourselves a game!


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