ALCS Game One

Wow! The road to the playoffs can be really crazy and exciting! Check out the results from game 1.

Well, the Royals have done it again! On Monday, the Royals played the Orioles in the first ALCS game. By the ninth inning, the score was 5-5 as Alex Gordon stepped up to the plate. On a pitcher’s count, Alex Gordon destroys a fastball, pulling it to left field and over the stands for a walk-off homer! The official score was 8-5 Kansas City. Now, I don’t know if anyone else noticed, but the Royals have been winning some games in extra innings recently. They defeated the A’s in extra innings, and now the O’s. My question is, is that a good thing? Many baseball games are decided by a single hit. But that’s always the case in extra innings. Anyone could make that one hit, it just happened to be the Royals those times. But what if the A’s had made that hit? the Angels would then have powered through to the World Series, and probably would have won, too. Another thing is, when I watched that series, I knew that the winner of that was going to the World Series. If the Angels won, they would be the best team in the playoffs. But the Royals swept them, so that would prove that the Royals were doing better than the Angels. That means that they were doing better than Albert Puljos, Jered Weaver, Mike Trout and Josh Hamilton, four of the biggest threats in baseball. The Orioles also proved that they’re a better team by defeating the Tigers, with Miguel Cabrera and the Cy Young winner trio. But statistically, who should win? Well, I like to decide with points. Question one: who had a better record, Angels or Tigers? The answer would be the Angels by 8 wins, giving the Royals 1 point for beating them. Second question: who’s record is better, the O’s or the Royals? The answer is the O’s, which gives both teams a point (the reason being is the Royals beat a more difficult team, yet the O’s had a better record). And the last question: who has a higher sum of all their runs in the playoffs, the O’s or Royals? The answer is the Royals have scored 22 runs thus far, whereas the O’s have scored 21, giving the Royals the last point. The score now is 3-2 in favor of the Royals. That score is how I think the series is going to end. It’s superstition about how the series ends, but I still think that the Royals will come out with the win.

Both teams are great teams. This series decides who is better


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