Why Marcus Mariota Will Be a Better NFL Player Than Jameis Winston

Wow, can you believe that the NFL draft is almost here already? It’s crazy! But there are two names that are circling everyone’s heads: Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston. Both quarterbacks beyond excelled in college and are now ready to be drafted. But who is better? While many say Jameis Winston, I’m confident that Marcus Mariota will surpass Winston and many other quarterbacks with the skill level of Phillip Rivers, Mark Sanchez, and Andy Dalton for a few reasons

1. The NFL is faster than the NCAA, but not faster than Mariota

If you ever watched an Oregon State game last year, you may see in the bottom left corner of the screen a counter for how long it took to transition from one play to the next. This is because Mariota is known to be faster than most NCAA quarterbacks. Unlike Winston, Mariota can execute a play, get his team under control, make it clear to his team what the play is going to be, get to the line, and snap it all in short time. This a gigantic advantage in the NFL.

2. Mariota is a better off-field player than Winston

If you look up “Jameis Winston Off-Field Issues,” a few bad things may come up. If you want to know what in specifics, you can look it up. Teams don’t want bad people on their team! Look at it this way. Assume that you are John York (He’s the owner of the San Fransisco 49ers, if you didn’t know), and you decide that that Collin Kaeprenick isn’t delivering and you want to draft a quarterback, just to increase your options. To everyone’s absolute shock, Mariota and Winston aren’t gone by the time your turn comes up (this scenario is guaranteed NOT to happen). Are you going to chose the kid who is a dangerous person and could possibly get in trouble and put your team in a tight position, or are you going to draft the kid who’s just as good and is a good off-field person? The answer, obviously, is to leave the sketchy one to the next team to pick.

3. Winston relies on the running game too much

At first, you may think, “Winston doesn’t rely on the running game to much!” Ok, sure, it’s not like he’s Johnny Manziel or RGIII, but let’s be honest: he does run quite a bit! And it doesn’t really matter whether he runs because his o-line breaks up too much or he feels that he’s good at it, it won’t translate well into the NFL. Take Johnny Manziel, for instance. Johnny Manziel’s thing was running the football. When the Browns took him, everyone thought he should’ve been taken earlier. And now, he’s a mediocre football player. All in all, we can conclude that the running game has a way of translating poorly over to the NFL.

In conclusion, every team is going to put up a fight for these two no matter what. I think that every team will be smart to direct their wants toward Mariota. But in the end, some teams will opt for any quarterback, won’t they?


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