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The Best of the Worst (Baseball Edition)

There are few things better on this beautiful world than watching the absolute stupidest, funniest, and the most outright asinine reactions from players when the official makes a call out of their favor. I’ve pieced together some of the most, for lack of better term, amusing reactions of baseball players when they disagreed with the umpire.

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The Quarterback Road

Man, the 15-16 football season just came and went! It seems like yesterday that the Broncos took home a 10-24 Super Bowl victory against the favored Panthers! Now, of course with the end of a season comes free agency, wavering, trading, and whatnot. Here are a few quarterbacks that will definitely experience a new team and a bonus player that may or may not experience a new team (hint: he was cut by his previous team at an odd time).

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Tom Brady or Tom Shady?

In the Patriots vs. Colts game on the road to the Super Bowl, Tom Brady threw an interception, like most quarterbacks do. But D’Qwell Jackson, the defender who intercepted the pass, noticed that the football was well past deflated. When asked about this, Tom laughed the question off. But the matter turned into a full-blown investigation, leading to a strange chain of events. The question is, what will happen when it ends?

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Why Marcus Mariota Will Be a Better NFL Player Than Jameis Winston

Wow, can you believe that the NFL draft is almost here already? It’s crazy! But there are two names that are circling everyone’s heads: Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston. Both quarterbacks beyond excelled in college and are now ready to be drafted. But who is better? While many say Jameis Winston, I’m confident that Marcus Mariota will surpass Winston and many other quarterbacks with the skill level of Phillip Rivers, Mark Sanchez, and Andy Dalton for a few reasons Continue reading Why Marcus Mariota Will Be a Better NFL Player Than Jameis Winston


Why Ineligible Receivers Are Irrational


You’re watching a play in the football game (hopefully using my tips to make it more exciting). The quarterback is being rushed by a man. He throws the ball about 3 or 4 yards, where the receiver catches in and is taken down immediately. The flag is thrown at the spot of the catch. Was the defender holding in the facemask? Continue reading Why Ineligible Receivers Are Irrational


How To Look at Every Play Like a Highlight

Football is a sport where there are going to be exciting plays and boring plays. And everyone who watches football thinks at some point, ‘Man, I wish every play could be an edge-of-your-seat play’. The truth is, you decide whether a play is exciting or not. Here are some tips on how to make every play feel like a highlight. Continue reading How To Look at Every Play Like a Highlight